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Ooga Booga! Cool kids music!

If you’re a parent you know that a lot of kids music is pretty lame. It’s annoying and gets stuck in your head or maybe you just have to hear it over and over again and hate it. Well if this is your dilemma, check out Britt Powitz’s first song from the Ooga Booga series. Britt wrote a nice little write up about it here: https://www.brittpowitz.com/ooga-booga-song-release-day/

I had the pleasure of recording the vocals, sound effects, and got to mix it. I also suggested some little production elements to add which Britt loved. If all goes well there will be more songs and even a book! So stay tuned.


San Diego Music Wire had a special treat recently when we invited Wild Wild Wets to perform. They brought along videographer Chris Carroll (Telegraf Films) to film some of their performance. So not only do we have a fabulous audio recording of the band playing live in the studio, but we also have a very nice video of it as well. Here’s the video and link to the SD Music Wire page:

Wild Wild Wets live at Rarefied Recording for San Diego Music Wire