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SD Music Wire – Dornob Collective

San Diego Music Wire carries on with another interesting recording for you. Once again, recorded live at Rarefied. Multi-miced, but not multi-tracked. Just straight off the board, through the Burl converter, and into Pro Tools. This one was done really minimally too. No outboard gear at all. Just some nice mics and the Neve Genesys.

The group is called Dornob Collective and they do traditional Persian music with some influence from jazz, reggae, and other genres. The main organizer, Farhad, plays classical guitar and the Oud (a middle-eastern lute). The group is filled out with electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and two fabulous singers. Some of the pieces were improvised. Check it out here:

Dornob Collective 5/9/18


2015 San Diego Music Award Nominees

Rarefied was humbled to find out that 4 different records done at the studio got nominations for the 2015 San Diego Music Awards.

Here are the nominees:

1. Normandie Wilson for Best Pop Album for her record “Normandie Wilson Is Tired of Being Nice”. From what I know, all the basic tracks were recorded at Rarefied by David Fleminger. This is a different record for Normandie, full of guitars and a harder edge to her sound; no punches pulled!

2. The Tree Ring for Best Americana Album for their record “Ten Rivers”. This was recorded by Chris Hobson at the studio and features the beautiful string and other orchestral instrument arrangements of lead band member, film scorer, and frequent Rarefied client, Joel P. West.

3. Astra Kelly for Best Local Recording for her record “Back to Ten”. This was recorded by Josh Mallit at the studio and features lots of great special guests from the San Diego music scene.

4. And finally, The G Burns Jug Band also for Best Local Recording for their record “The Southern Pacific & The Santa Fe”. This was also recorded by Chris Hobson and it was done to tape using only ribbon mics!

Congrats to all the folks above and best of luck come award night.