Rarefied Recording, a San Diego Recording Studio

Dinosaur Ghost – Jeff Goldblum

Check out this great video of San Diego instrumental surf rock band, Dinosaur Ghost, tracking a song at the recording studio. House engineer Roy Silverstein captured the basic tracks and guitarist and frequent freelancer at Rarefied, Ariel Levine, took care of overdubs and mixing. Video by Best Friends Creative.

The basic tracks for this song and others were done with the whole band playing together. This is a great way to work as it really nails the energy of the band all playing together, even if you replace certain elements later. The studio can easily accommodate the common setup of drums, bass, and 2 guitars.  Unless bleed is desired, we usually isolate the guitars in our sound locks and go direct with the bass. Roy did a similar thing for the band, Social Club, recently, and is gearing up to do another one for The Paper Thins next weekend.