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Recording Workshop coming this summer!

I’m excited to announce that I have plans to introduce a recording workshop this summer.
This workshop will be geared towards teaching the fundamentals of recording instruments and vocals.
We will cover vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horns, and strings.
Stay tuned for more information.

2017 San Diego Music Awards nominees are in

The 2017 San Diego Music Award nominees are in and there are a bunch of Rarefied related artists.

1. Best Jazz – Ian Tordella. Ian is a regular at Rarefied. http://iantordella.com/

2. Best Pop – Normandie Wilson. Our old friend Normandie pops in from time to time to record on her piano, which she so generously parked at the studio. http://normandiewilson.com/

3. Best New Artist – Hexa. Hexa recorded their debut album at Rarefied! https://hexamusic.bandcamp.com/releases

4. Artist of the Year – Steph Johnson. Steph’s “Music is Art” was recorded and mixed at Rarefied. http://www.stephjohnsonband.com/

5. Best Live Performer – Jason Hanna and the Bullfighters. Jason and the gang recorded a bunch of tunes with house engineer, Roy Silverstein. Check it out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jason-hanna-215916080

6. Best Jazz Album – Steph Johnson, “Music is Art”. As previously stated, this record was recorded and mixed at Rarefied.

7. Best World Music Album – Hirie, “Wandering Soul”. Hirie spent a week at Rarefied recording overdubs for this record. http://www.hiriemusic.com/

8. Song of the Year- Hirie, “Renegade”. See above. The whole album is a sonic work of art.

Good luck to Ian, Normandie, Hexa, Steph, Jason, and Hirie!