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Darrell Thorp at Rarefied!

Wow, I’m still coming down from a high of working with esteemed engineer, Darrell Thorp. He’s engineered for the likes of Radiohead, Beck, Foo Fighters, and Paul McCartney and has 9 Grammys to show for it. So he’s no joke! I got to assist him on a song for TJ based rock/reggae band, Nosis. Not only did he do an amazing job for the band, he was also a lot of fun and good guy to work with. We’ve got two more days booked by Nosis’ label, Rasta Records, so I’m looking forward to more.

Getting to assist engineers like Darrell not only opens my mind up to some new ways of doing things, but it also reinforces a lot of things that I’m already doing and let’s me know that I’m on the right path. The engineering side of things is actually probably the easiest part when you are in a good room, with good mics/mic pre’s, and good players with good instruments. What matters more is listening critically with an ear for what’s right for the song and not being afraid to reshape people’s parts on the fly. That’s obviously more production than engineering, but it definitely makes the biggest impact in my mind. So hats off to Darrell for a job well done and thanks to him, the band, and the label for bringing their project through Rarefied.

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