Rarefied Recording, a San Diego Recording Studio

Rarefied Recording Workshop 2

After the success of our first workshop over here, we are looking to do a second.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about recording and mixing. This time we plan to record a band partially live and partially overdubbed to give the participants the experience of recording things together and separate. Half of the workshop will be spent on recording instruction and half on mixing. Please get in touch via e-mail, phone, or text if you’re interested. No date will be set until we find 6 serious participants. More details can be found at http://www.silversteinsoundservice.com/recording-workshop.html , but also see below.


  • 3 days of instruction
  • 2 instructors, Roy Silverstein (Owner/Chief Engineer at Rarefied) and Brian Scheuble (http://brianscheubleaudio.com/)
  • 6 students max
  • $500/student
  • Content customized to the needs of the students
  • Hands on experience recording and mixing at Rarefied Recording

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