Rarefied Recording, a San Diego Recording Studio


If you require a dedicated partner to help you take your music to the next level, Rarefied Recording might be able to help. Production to us does not mean replacing your sound with ours. You are undoubtedly a unique artist with your own voice and vision. It shouldn’t be minimized, but enhanced.

As your Producer, we will first work with you outside the recording studio in a pre-Production mode. Pre-Production is an important step to make sure your songs themselves are as good as they can be. Are they the right speed and pitch? Are they too long or do they need another section or additional instrumentation? What type of sound should the recording have? All of these things can be determined before even stepping into the studio.

Once in the recording studio, we will help keep your sessions on track and sounding how we’ve collectively envisioned. We can coordinate session musicians, instrument rental, etc. We can set the right mood and coach you on performance to bring out your best. Basically, we’ll be your engineer, best friend, cheerleader, personal assistant, trouble-shooter, and collaborator all in one!