Rarefied Recording, a San Diego Recording Studio


Tracking at Rarefied Recording is all about getting your sound the way you want it from the very start so you don’t have to “fix it in the mix”. We believe the only rule is that there are no rules and that if it sounds good, it is good, no matter how that sound is achieved. Every project is different and deserves a considered and specific approach, not cookie-cutter methods that all end up sounding the same.

At Rarefied, we consider the recording studio an instrument and an extension of the creative toolbox you bring with you when you walk in the door. You want colored? You got colored. You want clean? You got clean. We’ll take your sound wherever you want it go and we’ve got the tools and know-how to get it there. The extremely accurate Control Room insures that what you hear is really what you’ve got. And our ample sized Live Room, gobos, and Sound Locks allows you to track your band all together or piece-meal.

Feeling inspired? We’ve got some cool instruments that you may not, like a baby grand piano, a vibraphone, a marimba, a Hammond organ, a Rhodes, a Wurlitzer, a Farfisa, a Moog, and even a Theremin. Whether you record to our 2” 16 track or through our Apogee and Burl converters, we’ll get you sweet sounds and have fun doing it!

The icing on the cake is our great location in the North Park area of San Diego, CA. There are plenty of excellent places in walking distance to grab lunch or dinner during your session. And don’t forget about our comfy lounge with old school video game systems like NES, Sega Genesis, and Atari!