Roy Silverstein – Chief Engineer

Roy has been involved in recording for over 20 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with Audio Emphasis from the University of Miami. Roy’s education and experience gives him an uncommon level of comfort with both the art and science of recording, mixing, and mastering.

Originally from Chicago, Roy caught the recording bug while he was still in high school, learning the basics by recording his own bands and projects on the ubiquitous Tascam cassette 4-track. After getting a more formal education in both recording and electrical engineering, he relocated to San Diego and founded The Habitat, a house show venue and home recording studio. In that lovely old Craftsman he honed his craft further recording such bands as Red Pony Clock, Lloyd and Michael, and The Finches. He’s also worked on tracks for Feathers, Mira Cook, Paleo, Sleeping People, Normandie Wilson, and Bouquet.

Since Rarefied came on-line, Roy has recorded and/or mixed tracks for bands such as Dinosaur Ghost, The Gift Machine, Jason Hannah and The Bullfighters, Fistfights With Wolves, Stephen El Rey, and Beach Goons. Roy plays guitar, piano, and drums, had an award winning radio show on WVUM in Miami, has contributed to Tape Op magazine, and even wrote an e-book on running a house show venue.


Interview with Roy at SD Voyager magazine:


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