Wes Lachot – Studio Designer

WesLachot_03Wes began designing recording studios in the mid-1980s while he was pursuing his original career as a recording engineer and producer. He is first a musician, having studied music theory, composition, and jazz piano at Berklee College of Music, and is still active as a producer and session musician. Wes spent many years studying classical and modern architecture, and is a proponent of the school of design known as organic architecture. His designs reflect his belief that each individual part of a design should relate to the whole in a natural, organic way, and that a well thought-out design can continue to grow and evolve if its original inspiration is based upon certain universal fundamental principles.

Mathematics plays a large part in how Wes sees and understands music, architecture and acoustics. In addition to studying the physics of sound, he has always been fascinated by the music theory ideas forwarded by Harry Partch and other avant-garde thinkers, and his design concepts work
to bring together the disciplines of sound physics and music theory.

Wes’s skills have been deployed to rework some of the Control Rooms at Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix’s original studio) and he has designed studios for Mitch Easter (Producer for REM, Ben Folds Five, and others), The Faint, Mike Mogis (Producer for Saddle Creek Records and member of
Bright Eyes) and many others. Find out more at www.weslachot.com.