Give the gift of Rarefied!

Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one who writes or plays music? A very unique and touching gift for them would be some credits or a mix or master from Rarefied! Owner and Chief Engineer, Roy Silverstein, will personally handle their music with as much care as he gives any of his clients.

We’ve set up an account with GiftUp to provide 3 types of gift certificates: a free mix, a free master, or simply credits (at an amount of your choice) toward any service currently offered. This will be a gift not soon forgotten. And as long as Rarefied is here, the certificate will not expire. So give with confidence that your loved one will truly get something special.

The RCA 77 DX!

This post is just to announce that Rarefied now has an RCA 77 DX microphone. This is one of those classic ribbon mics from 1950’s. I bought this mic at the end of 2019, but it came in damaged and had to be sent out right away to AEA for repair. Luckily covered the repair costs so all is good. It’s now safely in the mic locker and ready to be of service on your session!

I love old mics, not only for the sound, but also for that unknown history that they carry with them. You can only imagine who was using it and for what over the last 70 years!