GenesysControl Plugin: Automate With Ease

Sometimes you buy something that becomes obsolete a few years after buying it. Other times you get surprised with new features that open up whole new areas of life for your gear. Such is the case with the release of the GenesysControl plugin from AMS-Neve.

The Neve Genesys is the heart of Rarefied. A 32 channel mixer in a beautiful custom desk (by Tony Brett of Brett Acoustics) it not only amplifies and eq’s most mic signals at Rarefied, but also sends/receives audio to/from our recorders, handles monitoring to the various speakers, headphone routing, talkback, DAW control, and, of course, mixing signals together in various ways. It’s always had the ability to automate certain analog elements of the console via the on-board Encore automation software package, however, it was never very easy to use. That has all changed with the addition of the GenesysControl plugin.

The GenesysControl plugin allows you to do all the automation moves available to you via Encore and more, but within the comfortable confines of Pro Tools. You instantiate a plugin for each channel you want to control, select the channel, and then as you move the virtual fader, knobs, and switches, the board responds in the real world. Automating any of these parameters is now as simple as automating any plugin parameter in Pro Tools. And when you pull up the session, your settings are all there and ready to go.

What’s extra exciting to me is that there are actually some things you can automate now that you could not before. Most importantly there’s now an ability to not only turn the eq on and off, but for the first time you can actually automate the frequency and boost/cut settings. This opens up some new areas of digitally controlled analog processing as you can do filter sweeps and the like, but all from the ease and comfort of a plugin environment.

The master section can also be automated, including the sub group levels and effects return levels.

All in all, this wonderful surprise from AMS-Neve is really going to change the way I approach my mixes. Whereas before I would only utilize the analog automation features on the console when absolutely necessary (since it was kind of a chore) now it’s going to be one of the first things I reach for on every mix.

Thank you AMS-Neve! You are something else and you’ve made the Genesys feel like a brand new, state-of-the-art mixer, surpassing many mixers that are just being released now!