Recording On Sunbeams

A year ago, I quietly did something kind of big over here, but I haven’t ever mentioned it until now. Rarefied has gone solar! And not only solar, but also battery!

That means if you’re here during the day you are almost certainly recording off the power of the sun. Kind of cool if you think about it. As the sun goes down the Tesla battery kicks in and extends the off grid power to the studio. The battery is actually charged by the sun during the day with any excess power generated by the panels.

It was a significant investment, but well worth it in my opinion. You can feel even better about working here knowing that the carbon footprint of the studio has been significantly reduced. The company that monitors the solar output of the system estimates that 48,107 lbs of CO2 have been saved. This is the equivalent of planting 363.5 trees! And that’s just in year one!

As time goes on the impact from this switch to solar/battery will grow and grow. And eventually the investment made in the system will pay for itself in lower electric bills. In fact, the first year left us with a credit with SDG&E. Now, that may be an anomaly since the studio hasn’t been quite as busy due to the pandemic. But still, not bad!