Mastering with the pros that use a pure hardware approach can cost you a pretty penny. But farming out your project that is dripping with all of your blood, sweat, and tears to a budget Mastering guy who claims they can do the same thing as the pros at a fraction of the price because they have some “Mastering Grade” plug-ins may be doing yourself a great disservice. Consider Rarefied Recording the smarter, alternative option.

If you’re on a budget, we’ve got the same quality plug-ins as the other budget Mastering guys, but with one significant advantage: a proper listening environment and monitoring chain that allows us to hear what is truly happening with your music. Anyone can buy plug-ins that are suitable for Mastering and some decent powered monitors, but an accurate listening environment can only be realized by building a room like Rarefied’s Control Room and equipping it with speakers and amplifiers capable of accurately delivering every nuance in your recordings. Make no mistake; it takes significant expertise, physical space, and resources to create such an environment.

Our Wes Lachot designed Control Room coupled with our soffit-mounted, Dynaudio M3A speakers powered by Bryston crossovers and amplifiers achieves something most studios, let-alone Mastering studios, would kill for: confidence that what you hear is the truth. We promise to give your Masters the attention to detail they deserve and to never crush them into lifeless static.