Whether we’re mixing something we’ve tracked, something done at another recording studio, or even something you recorded at home, at Rarefied Recording we’ll give your mix our all. Just like with tracking, every project and song deserves a considered and specific approach. We’ll listen to each song and identify their strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can create a mix that highlights what is best about the track and correct or minimize anything that is lacking. Time and focus is needed to bring a track to its fullest potential so we spend about a day on each song, budget permitting.

We mix “outside the box” through our amazing AMS Neve Genesys 32 channel mixer that has sixteen 1084 style three band EQ’s and sixteen 88RS style four band EQ’s for a nice combination of vintage and modern sounds. Mixing this way also makes it easy to utilize our hardware compressors, reverbs, and other effects, but does not preclude the usage of quality plug-ins from Universal Audio and others. This hybrid approach really does allow for the best of both worlds. And since the Genesys has total recall, it’s very easy to save the mix settings and bring them back at a later time. This brings mixing at Rarefied much closer to the convenience imparted by mixing “in the box” where recall is instant, but without any compromise made to the sonic integrity of the audio. Forget emulations of mixing board hardware and bus compression/EQ. Keep it real at Rarefied.

When the final mix is ready, we capture it via our Burl B2 Bomber ADC, which is built and sounds more like a tape machine than a piece of consumer electronics. And with our Wes Lachot Control Room, you can be assured that your mixes will translate from system to system.