Remote Services

Remote or unattended services are things that can be done at the studio without you being here. This is a perfect option for right now, but also good for any time and especially for those not located in San Diego. The technology now exists to stream the results to you in real time at full quality so you can sit in on the session and help me adjust the settings to your liking. Besides mixing and mastering, which are usually done unattended anyhow, here are services that can be offered without your attendance:

Audio editing– music and voice can be carefully edited to your specifications. Drums can be put on the grid and maximally in phase, vocal parts can be perfectly aligned, etc.

Audio clean up– noise of all sorts can be removed with little to no impact to the audio itself (in most cases). Examples of noises that can be removed: constant hum/buzz/hiss, clicks/pops, mouth smacks/plosives/sibilance, digital or analog distortion, cell phone interference, and many others.

Tuning of vocals or instruments. Even polyphonic instruments can be tuned. Tuning can be transparent or obviously auto-tuned if that’s what you want!

Reamping of guitars or basses. Choose from one of our lovely guitar or bass amps. See the gear list for details. You can also add pedals of your choosing into the chain. Various mics or mic combos can be placed on the cabinet. And a variety of mic pre’s can be used as well.

Running signal through outboard gear. Want your mix sent through a pair of Pultec equalizers? Or an SSL bus compressor clone? What about a Neve 33609? Tons of great options. Make your custom chain.

Running signals through our Pluto Plate reverb. Nothing beats a real plate reverb. Rarefied also has many other great reverbs including a Bricasti M7, Eventide H3000, and several spring reverbs.

Running signals on and off our MCI JH16 2″ 16 track tape machine. Forget emulations! Get the real thing. The JH16 is loaded with transformers and magic.

Analog summing through our Neve Genesys console. Signals can either be sent through the normal DAW return path which provides a fairly uncolored result or through the 1073 mic pre’s for tons of mojo added. Mixes will be captured back to digital through your choice of Burl or Apogee conversion. Mix bus processing can also be added if you’d like.

Digitizing cassette tapes/vinyl or other audio format conversions. If you’ve got some old cassette tapes or some vinyl records you want to digitize, I’ve got you! I can also help you convert your CD collection to digital files or do any type of conversion from one type of digital audio file to another. I also have access to DAT and ADAT players if you need those transferred.

To discuss rates for any of these services please contact us via email, phone, or text. The contact page has all the info you need. Thanks!