WE’RE OPEN: Studio Update regarding COVID-19

Hello all!

Rarefied is now open again for tracking sessions. To be safe I do require masking and 6 ft distancing. Only one session is being accepted per day so there is always ample time to clean between bookings. Due to this, the minimum number of booked hours has increased from two to four. Also there is a limit of 4 people that can be in any one room at a time.

Mixing and mastering can still be done remotely. And there are a host of other types of things I can do remotely too.

  • -reamp a guitar or bass
  • -run signals through outboard gear
  • -run signals through the tape machine
  • -run signals through the plate reverb
  • -do an analog sum of your mix through the Neve Genesys
  • -edit audio tracks
  • -clean up noisy audio tracks
  • -tune vocals and instruments
  • Convert cassette and vinyl to digital.

Find more information on all of the above by clicking here.

I was renting a whole host of equipment while the studio was closed. That can continue to some degree. It just depends on if the item is needed in a session that day.

Finally, I am still making myself available for online instruction on any audio topic you’d like.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a need for any of the above.

All the best to you and yours.