The Mixing Coach

House engineer, Roy Silverstein, is proud to co-host a new web show on Pro Studio Live, called The Mixing Coach.

Featuring LA veteran recording engineer/mixer, Brian Scheuble, The Mixing Coach is a great way to learn how to improve your mixes. The first half of the show consists of Brian introducing a particular mixing topic and demonstrating techniques in Pro Tools. The second half of the show is a live interaction with 3 different audience members that have previously submitted a mix for feedback. Brian and Roy offer their critique and tips to improve the mix. If you sign up with Pro Studio Live, you can watch these events as they’re happening and chat with other viewers on the side.

If you’d like to have your mix considered for critique on the show, please e-mail it to . Since the live interaction is done via Google Hangouts, you can be anywhere in the world to participate.

The next show is scheduled for April 3rd, 2015. Although the 1st show was done at Signature Sound, subsequent shows are planned to be hosted at Rarefied.

Take your mixes to the next level with The Mixing Coach!